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UVOZ 1200 Ozone Concentration Monitor Portable Ozone Meter Gas Ozone Analyzer

  • Product characteristics

    1) Test method: dual-light path ultraviolet light absorption method, long-life light source system, high measurement accuracy.

    2) Measurement principle: according to the Lambert-Bill law, accurately measured through the luminosity absorption principle. 

    3) Light source system: long-life ultraviolet light source system (wavelength 253.7nm). 

    4) Usage: indoor installation and use, equipped with power supply and signal terminals.

    5) Optical pool system: separated optical pool technology, no leakage, high pressure resistance, high flow resistance to sampling gas impact.

    6) Intelligent compensation: built-in temperature and pressure compensation and display, with light source automatic compensation function.

    7) Operation mode: users can select manual and automatic zero according to the operation status, and set automatic zero time.

    8) Display units: g / Nm3, mg / NL,%WT, ppm, mg / Nm3 is optional.

    9) Data display: high-definition color touch screen, high concentration range set into the gas mass flow, real-time display output.

    10) Output function: 4-20mA, RS485 communication, two groups of alarm point output, electronic flow meter input, etc.

    Technical Parameter

    Measuring range
    Measuring range
    Optional range0-200g / Nm3,0-100g / Nm3,0-50g / Nm3,0-1000ppm, 0-100ppm
    Light source lifeabout 30000-50000 hours
    Sampling methodpositive pressure sampling, negative pressure sampling (optional)
    Display interface4.3-inch touch screen operation interface
    Content interfaceOzone concentration, temperature and pressure
    Auxiliary functionstemperature compensation, pressure compensation
    Display unitsg / Nm3, mg / NL,%WT, ppm, mg / Nm3 is optional
    Display resolution0.01 g/m3,0.01ppm
    Gas flow rate0.5L±0.2L/min
    Input pressure
    Concentration errormaximum of 0.3%FS
    Linear errormaximum of 0.2%FS
    Zero-point drift<± 0.3%.FS
    Reaction time0.03 seconds of signal, 0.3 seconds of display
    Ambient temperature-20~50℃
    Pipeline interface modequick twist (stainless steel)
    Series joint sample diameter8 (8mm * 6mm) (optional)
    Bypass sampling diameter6 (6mm * 4mm)
    Communication modeRS-485
    Output mode4-20mA (active)
    Secondary telecom signalhigh alarm point relay telecom signal, low alarm point relay telecom signal
    Power supplyAC 110-220V
    Dimensions160mm (height) 260mm (width) 300mm (depth)
    1 mg/L = 1 g/m3=467PPM
    Free warranty24 months (host)
    NoteStandard configuration (built-in): flowmeter, ozone tail gas catalyst, intake filter

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