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Dino Purification is a developer and manufacturer of advanced ozone disinfection equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Over the years in the market, we have specialized in providing reliable ozone generators and satisfactory services, establishing long term relationships with our global customers, which is why we have made Dino Purification a reliable company. 

We manufacture and provide ozone generators from 600mg to 500g for different applications, covering more than 100 models. Smaller and less space occupied, all-in-one design, use upon delivery and simple operation have always been emphasized. Our products can be widely used in air disinfection, water treatment, odor removal and grease removal for kitchen exhaust system. In compliance with EU safety and no hazardous substances, our ozone generators are CE and RoHS certified.

Our professional sales team can help you in choosing the suitable ozone generators. Our R&D department are dedicated to developing new products and improving existing models according to the customers’needs. Our experienced manufacturing unit ensure fine standard of workmanship for all products.


The vision of the company is to be the successful and respected ozone generator supplier in the world. Our mission is to design, develop and deliver ozone geneartors worldwide for the benefit of the people and the environment. Our value is integrity, customer focused, and innovated. Dino Purification, an ozone generator specialist, your trusted supplier.