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Dino Purification is a developer and manufacturer of advanced ozone disinfection equipment for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Over the years in the market, we have specialized in providing reliable ozone generators and satisfactory services, establishing long term relationships with our global customers, which is why we have made Dino Purification a reliable company. 

We manufacture and provide ozone generators from 600mg to 500g for different applications, covering more than 100 models. Smaller and less space occupied, all-in-one design, use upon delivery and simple operation have always been emphasized. Our products can be widely used in air disinfection, water treatment, odor removal and grease removal for kitchen exhaust system. In compliance with EU safety and no hazardous substances, our ozone generators are CE and RoHS certified.

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Let’s see in AsiaWater Fair,date 23-25 Apr. 2024,in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,our DINO booth: G708-HALL 7 (3rd floor)
  • Benefits of Ozone Disinfection for Aquacultures

    In the process of aquaculture, timely disinfection of water can reduce the occurrence of fish diseases and the using of chemical drugs, finally reduce the cost of breeding and improve the health of fish. Applying ozone to sterilize aquaculture water and the facilities, and purify the source water of the seedlings can prevent the invasion of bacteria and pathogens. Ozone is highly oxidizing, it can decompose harmful products of aquatic products (such as iron, manganese, chromium, sulfate, phenol, stupid, oxide, etc.), preventing biological diseases of aquatic products and improving the ecological environment of aquaculture. It is an ideal sanitizer for breeding and seedling production. Dino Purification’s Ozone Water Treatment System (OWS) consists of ozone generating unit, aquaculture oxygen generator and high-efficiency gas-liquid mixing system. It is used in aquaculture to disinfect and decompose pollutants, but not produce secondary pollution. Increasing the oxygen content in water, reduce the pollution that may be caused by new water, greatly increase the survival rate of cultures, increase feed conversion and reduce the cost of breeding. Advantages of Ozone Generator in Aquaculture  1. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, which has good bactericidal effects on various microorganisms in water. 2. Ozone can decompose nitrite and hydrogen sulfide to reduce the harm to aquatic products. 3. The bactericidal ability of ozone is not affected by pH change and ammonia, and its bactericidal ability is larger than other sterilization methods. 4. Ozone is easily decomposed in water. During the ozone purifying process, it will not change the original ingredients beneficial to aquatic products in the water. 5. Ozone can purify the water by oxidation flocculation and will not produce secondary pollutants. 6. When used in a circulating culture system, it can save a lot of water and reduce the cost of breeding.
  • Ozone disinfection technology improves safety standards for meat products

    Ozone is an internationally recognized environmental disinfection and sterilization product. It has safe, high-efficiency, rapid and broad-spectrum characteristics. It is non-toxic, harmless, has no side effects, does not cause secondary pollution, and does not affect the appearance, taste and nutrition of meat products.  Meat-processed products are prone to economic losses due to the environment in the workshop, which causes the bacteria to grow and the food produced does not meet the standards. Meat processing is a relatively high standard, especially for cold food processing, which is particularly prone to microbial contamination.1. Strict air disinfection of space, tools, changing rooms and packaging materials is required. Ozone disinfection of space is directly reaction with bacteria and viruses, destroying their organelles and DNA, RNA, destroying the metabolism of bacteria, finally killing it; ozone will be decomposed into oxygen after disinfection, no residue, no secondary pollution. 2. Using ozone generator to disinfect the workshop space through central air conditioner, the effect is obvious and the sterilization is thorough. 3. Soaking and rinsing the pipeline, production equipment and container with ozone water. The staff wash their hands with ozone water before work, which can prevent bacterial infection to a large extent.4. Using ozone generator in the warehouse can prolong the shelf life of the food. Disinfection of the food transportation vehicle can prevent microbial growth, bacterial virus infection, and maintain the freshness of the food. Ozone disinfection time can be separated from working time. Ozone generator has a long service life. Compared with other disinfection methods, ozone generator has the advantages of economy, convenience, practicability and high efficiency, which greatly reduces the cost of sterilization and improves production efficiency.
  • How to manage indoor air pollution?

    Dust, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses floating in the indoor air, especially formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants released from the decoration materials, endanger our health. So how do we manage this air pollution? There are currently several ways to deal with it:1. Planting green plants Green plants can remove a small amount of pollutants around them, while cannot be completely removed. If the pollutants are too high, they will damage plants, even cause plants to die. Therefore, plants only help to purify the air. 2, Blowing away pollutants through natural wind There are many pollutants that are continuously volatilized. Natural winds only temporarily effective. Due to the changing weather, especially in winter, the doors and windows are closed and the ventilation is poor. The pollutants are not easy to remove. Especially in rainy season, high humidity, it is more likely to cause the breeding of bacteria. 3, Activated carbon treatment Activated carbon can be adsorbed or diluted. If the activated carbon is not replaced in time after the saturation, the activated carbon will instead pollute the air with harmful gases. At the same time, the use of activated carbon is not cost-effective, the activated carbon can be assisted at ordinary times to purify the air. 4. Chemical reagent treatment Chemical reagents will leave side effects after using, which may lead to secondary pollution and damage to the human body. Many chemical reagents have only a single function, and often have no effect on other pollutants (such as benzene, ammonia, TVOC, bacteria), chemical reagents cannot completely remove pollution. 5, Ozone air purifier ----- Good choice of control air pollution. At present, ozone purification is ideal for indoor air pollution. Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly and safe disinfectant. Ozone has been widely praised in the fields of medical treatment, food processing, water treatment and air treatment.The principle of ozone purification technology is to directly invade the cells of the pollutants, destroying its DNA and RNA, finally destroying its metabolism, leading directly to death. Several advantages of using ozone in the treatment of air pollution: 1. There will be no secondary pollution after ozone disinfection. Since the raw material of ozone is air or oxygen, it will be automatically decomposed into oxygen after disinfection, so it will not cause secondary pollution. 2, Ozone can effectively remove various pollutants (such as: benzene, ammonia, TVOC, formaldehyde, various bacterial odor). 3, Ozone is extremely active, which will kill bacteria instantly, the effect is thorough. 4. Ozone is a kind of gas with fluidity, so it will not leave a dead angle in disinfection. Application scenario of ozone air purifier: 1. Eliminate harmful substances such as formaldehyde, stupid, cockroach, bacteria, second-hand smoke, etc. in indoor air, and control volatile materials in indoor furniture; 2. Place the ozone generator in the kitchen to purify the space air, oxidizing the strong smell of smoke from the cooking, and prevent the bacteria from breeding; 3, Bathroom disinfection, the bathroom area is relatively small, air circulation is not very good, easy to breed bacteria, odor. disinfection with ozone, chemical reactions with odor, bacteria chemical substances, oxidative decomposition and removal; 4, Deodorizing and sterilizing the shoe cabinet, the shoe socks are commonly used ozone for sterilization, can prevent the infection of athlete's foot and also eliminate the odor; Ozone air purifier produced by Dino Purification adopts corona discharge technology with quartz glass or ceramic ozone tube, stainless-steel fuselage integrated design to better extend the service life, silence running and stable performance. It can be used to disinfect the air in many applications. Dino’s ozone generator- a good helper to control air pollution.
  • Public Space Air Disinfection

    People flow in public places is relatively large. If disinfection and sterilization are not carried out for a long time, a large number of bacteria and germs will be produced. Intensive people and dirty air can easily lead to epidemic diseases, and the rate of spread is very fast, which directly threatens people's health and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to use an effective method for sterilization. Ozone generator can be a good choice. Ozone as a high-efficiency broad-spectrum, non-residue gas disinfectant has special advantages over commonly used disinfectants. It is widely used for sterilization in large public places such as cinemas, karaoke bars, restaurants, bars, etc. It can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria, germs and infectious viruses, and ensure the health and safety of people in public places. How to use ozone generators in the public space?  Disinfection of tableware in the restaurant (soaked with cleaned tableware with ozone water to kill bacteria remaining in the tableware). Preservation and detoxification of fruits and vegetables (oxidation of ozone can decompose residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, killing bacteria in fruits and vegetables, and extending shelf life). Space air purification (removing smoke, dust, various pollutants in the air, keeping the air fresh and preventing the flu). Deodorization of the refrigerator (injecting ozone into the refrigerator, it can kill all kinds of harmful bacteria produced in the refrigerator without treatment for a long time, purify the air in the space, remove the smell and odor, prolong the storage time of the food, and make the food “No change”). Disinfection the odor in the bathroom (effectively remove the smell, bacteria, germs in the bathroom, and keep the bathroom air fresh). Central air-conditioning sterilization (the interior of the air conditioner will breed bacteria due to long-term use. It can be completely killed by ozone, as well as has the effect of activating oxygen and odor.) Ozone generator disinfects various commercial water: Swimming pools, spas, landscape water and various commercial water sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, removal of organic matter, oxidation of harmful heavy metals in water. Advantages of ozone sterilization1, High efficiency, can kill the bacteria in an instant, the effect is thorough. 2, High cleanliness, automatically decompose into oxygen after disinfection and sterilization, will not leave residues, will not cause secondary pollution. 3, Convenience, can be set to schedule disinfection every day, no manual operation, easy to use. 4, Cost-effective, ozone generator lifespan long, no consumables, disinfection thoroughly.

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