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Public Space Air Disinfection
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People flow in public places is relatively large. If disinfection and sterilization are not carried out for a long time, a large number of bacteria and germs will be produced. Intensive people and dirty air can easily lead to epidemic diseases, and the rate of spread is very fast, which directly threatens people's health and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to use an effective method for sterilization. Ozone generator can be a good choice. Ozone as a high-efficiency broad-spectrum, non-residue gas disinfectant has special advantages over commonly used disinfectants. It is widely used for sterilization in large public places such as cinemas, karaoke bars, restaurants, bars, etc. It can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria, germs and infectious viruses, and ensure the health and safety of people in public places.


How to use ozone generators in the public space?


Disinfection of tableware in the restaurant (soaked with cleaned tableware with ozone water to kill bacteria remaining in the tableware).


Preservation and detoxification of fruits and vegetables (oxidation of ozone can decompose residual pesticides in fruits and vegetables, killing bacteria in fruits and vegetables, and extending shelf life).


Space air purification (removing smoke, dust, various pollutants in the air, keeping the air fresh and preventing the flu).


Deodorization of the refrigerator (injecting ozone into the refrigerator, it can kill all kinds of harmful bacteria produced in the refrigerator without treatment for a long time, purify the air in the space, remove the smell and odor, prolong the storage time of the food, and make the food “No change”).


Disinfection the odor in the bathroom (effectively remove the smell, bacteria, germs in the bathroom, and keep the bathroom air fresh).


Central air-conditioning sterilization (the interior of the air conditioner will breed bacteria due to long-term use. It can be completely killed by ozone, as well as has the effect of activating oxygen and odor.)


Ozone generator disinfects various commercial water:


Swimming pools, spas, landscape water and various commercial water sterilization, disinfection, deodorization, removal of organic matter, oxidation of harmful heavy metals in water.


Advantages of ozone sterilization

1, High efficiency, can kill the bacteria in an instant, the effect is thorough.


2, High cleanliness, automatically decompose into oxygen after disinfection and sterilization, will not leave residues, will not cause secondary pollution.


3, Convenience, can be set to schedule disinfection every day, no manual operation, easy to use.


4, Cost-effective, ozone generator lifespan long, no consumables, disinfection thoroughly.

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