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How to manage indoor air pollution?
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Dust, second-hand smoke, bacteria, viruses floating in the indoor air, especially formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other pollutants released from the decoration materials, endanger our health.


So how do we manage this air pollution? There are currently several ways to deal with it:

1. Planting green plants


Green plants can remove a small amount of pollutants around them, while cannot be completely removed. If the pollutants are too high, they will damage plants, even cause plants to die. Therefore, plants only help to purify the air.


2, Blowing away pollutants through natural wind


There are many pollutants that are continuously volatilized. Natural winds only temporarily effective. Due to the changing weather, especially in winter, the doors and windows are closed and the ventilation is poor. The pollutants are not easy to remove. Especially in rainy season, high humidity, it is more likely to cause the breeding of bacteria.


3, Activated carbon treatment


Activated carbon can be adsorbed or diluted. If the activated carbon is not replaced in time after the saturation, the activated carbon will instead pollute the air with harmful gases. At the same time, the use of activated carbon is not cost-effective, the activated carbon can be assisted at ordinary times to purify the air.


4. Chemical reagent treatment


Chemical reagents will leave side effects after using, which may lead to secondary pollution and damage to the human body. Many chemical reagents have only a single function, and often have no effect on other pollutants (such as benzene, ammonia, TVOC, bacteria), chemical reagents cannot completely remove pollution.


5, Ozone air purifier ----- Good choice of control air pollution.


At present, ozone purification is ideal for indoor air pollution. Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly and safe disinfectant. Ozone has been widely praised in the fields of medical treatment, food processing, water treatment and air treatment.

The principle of ozone purification technology is to directly invade the cells of the pollutants, destroying its DNA and RNA, finally destroying its metabolism, leading directly to death.


Several advantages of using ozone in the treatment of air pollution:


1. There will be no secondary pollution after ozone disinfection. Since the raw material of ozone is air or oxygen, it will be automatically decomposed into oxygen after disinfection, so it will not cause secondary pollution.


2, Ozone can effectively remove various pollutants (such as: benzene, ammonia, TVOC, formaldehyde, various bacterial odor).


3, Ozone is extremely active, which will kill bacteria instantly, the effect is thorough.


4. Ozone is a kind of gas with fluidity, so it will not leave a dead angle in disinfection.


Application scenario of ozone air purifier:


1. Eliminate harmful substances such as formaldehyde, stupid, cockroach, bacteria, second-hand smoke, etc. in indoor air, and control volatile materials in indoor furniture;


2. Place the ozone generator in the kitchen to purify the space air, oxidizing the strong smell of smoke from the cooking, and prevent the bacteria from breeding;


3, Bathroom disinfection, the bathroom area is relatively small, air circulation is not very good, easy to breed bacteria, odor. disinfection with ozone, chemical reactions with odor, bacteria chemical substances, oxidative decomposition and removal;


4, Deodorizing and sterilizing the shoe cabinet, the shoe socks are commonly used ozone for sterilization, can prevent the infection of athlete's foot and also eliminate the odor;


Ozone air purifier produced by Dino Purification adopts corona discharge technology with quartz glass or ceramic ozone tube, stainless-steel fuselage integrated design to better extend the service life, silence running and stable performance. It can be used to disinfect the air in many applications. Dino’s ozone generator- a good helper to control air pollution.

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