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Ozone sterilization, Improve food storage safety
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Ozone sterilization, Improve food storage safety


In the process of food storage, improper preservation methods, easy to breed insects, mold, leading to food spoilage. Therefore, it is necessary to use the correct preservation method to prevent the occurrence of food problems and extend the shelf life.


Traditional sterilization methods are generally ultraviolet light irradiation, adding preservatives, high temperature sterilization and other techniques, but these techniques have shortcomings such as long sterilization time, incomplete disinfection, and incomplete disinfection. Ozone sterilization equipment has become a good choice for food companies. Ozone is a kind of gas with strong fluidity. It can be completely sterilized without leaving a dead angle. Ozone is highly oxidizing. At a certain concentration, it can instantly kill bacteria. Ozone has safe, high-efficiency, rapid, broad-spectrum characteristics, non-toxic, harmless, no side effects, and does not produce secondary pollution.


Ozone generator for food preservation applications


1. Sterilize the warehouse before storage. Warehouse is a closed space, which is easy to produce bacterial mold. Completely disinfected with ozone before using, to purify the air in space. Ozone oxidizes bacterial molds directly destroying their organelles, DNA and RNA, destroying the metabolism of bacteria and causing bacterial death. After ozone disinfection, it will be decomposed into oxygen, without secondary pollution.


2, disinfection of the good before storage, to achieve the effect of prevention: direct disinfection of the food, can effectively block the bacteria, pollutants go into the warehouse, extend the shelf life.


3, Disinfect the equipment and instruments used in the warehouse. Equipment used for different storage room is easy to breed bacteria on the surface, regular disinfection the equipment and instruments with ozone can prevent bacterial infecting the equipment.


4. Use the central air conditioning to send ozone to all spaces for disinfection. One machine can sterilize multiple spaces, which can reduce the cost of sterilization for enterprises.


Characteristics of ozone in food storage applications


1. It can prevent various bacteria caused by various environmental changes and prevent mildew of food.


2. After the ozone disinfection of the food, the shelf life can be extended.


3. The raw material of ozone is air. After ozone disinfection, it will be automatically decomposed into oxygen. It will not cause pollution and has no effect on the food.


4, Compare to other sterilization methods, ozone disinfection is much more cost-effective, ozone generator’s life is relatively long, no consumables.


5, Ozone generator automatic disinfection, no manual operation, regular automatic disinfection.


6, Ozone disinfection including advantage of rapid sterilization, lasting effective, early prevention.


7, It can reduce the harm of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, mice in the warehouse


DNA Series Ozone machine produced by Dino Purification adopts corona discharge technology with quartz glass or ceramic ozone tube, stainless-steel fuselage integrated design to better extend the service life, silence running and stable performance. It is epically design for food storage safety. Please contact us for more detail.

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