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Benefits of Ozone Disinfection for Aquacultures
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In the process of aquaculture, timely disinfection of water can reduce the occurrence of fish diseases and the using of chemical drugs, finally reduce the cost of breeding and improve the health of fish.


Applying ozone to sterilize aquaculture water and the facilities, and purify the source water of the seedlings can prevent the invasion of bacteria and pathogens.


Ozone is highly oxidizing, it can decompose harmful products of aquatic products (such as iron, manganese, chromium, sulfate, phenol, stupid, oxide, etc.), preventing biological diseases of aquatic products and improving the ecological environment of aquaculture. It is an ideal sanitizer for breeding and seedling production.


Dino Purification’s Ozone Water Treatment System (OWS) consists of ozone generating unit, aquaculture oxygen generator and high-efficiency gas-liquid mixing system. It is used in aquaculture to disinfect and decompose pollutants, but not produce secondary pollution. Increasing the oxygen content in water, reduce the pollution that may be caused by new water, greatly increase the survival rate of cultures, increase feed conversion and reduce the cost of breeding.


Advantages of Ozone Generator in Aquaculture


1. Ozone has strong oxidizing properties, which has good bactericidal effects on various microorganisms in water.


2. Ozone can decompose nitrite and hydrogen sulfide to reduce the harm to aquatic products.


3. The bactericidal ability of ozone is not affected by pH change and ammonia, and its bactericidal ability is larger than other sterilization methods.


4. Ozone is easily decomposed in water. During the ozone purifying process, it will not change the original ingredients beneficial to aquatic products in the water.


5. Ozone can purify the water by oxidation flocculation and will not produce secondary pollutants.


6. When used in a circulating culture system, it can save a lot of water and reduce the cost of breeding.

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